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If I could say just one thing

It would be I love you.

1 June 1981
Chasing happiness with a tattered and torn net

I was born at Mercy hospital as a premature baby about three weeks or so early. For the first few days they were not sure I was going to live but one day I opened my eyes and then everything changed.

Fast forward to now! I am a Network/Systems administrator for a School District in IL although I am treated and paid like a intern. I have a great love of Sci-Fi (not the channel) and Anime. I spend most of my time either working on, looking at or thinking about computers, they are my hobby and my career. I am NOT one of those posers that have picked up a for dummies book and now believe they can do anything, I have been doing this as a profession for 10 years now, network support for about 4 to 5 years.

I am a hopeless romantic I love women and they dislike me. I am the kinda guy that will do for you, if you are in good standing with me I'd blow all my money, take a bus and spend hours riding just to get to you for a moment and turn around and sulk on they home as I wait for the next time I could see you. I am a friendly guy and I have been listening to people ran and ask for help for years, its what I do. I can't help it I'm a fixer and if I can't fix it I can at least try to make you feel better.

I keep secretes, not only about what people tell me but of myself. I can tolerate a lot, racial ignorance is not one of them.

Things to know about stu-

  • I'm not actively looking for anyone, but if for some reason you find me interesting let me know
  • I am in love with Japan! The life, language, culture, women,entertainment.
  • <
  • I can't spell to save my life!
  • I am up for discussion of just about anything
  • there is a lot more to me than is on this list
  • I write long entries too!
  • As fine and as stern as I seem it is possible to hurt me, sometimes its quite easy, but mostly you'll not find out
  • I feel sometimes that my life is a social experiment and if I've ever or do tell you that I need to talk to you and say little else I probably don't understand what you have said or done because of a personal inadequacy
Bad points
Too trusting, never finished college, dresses and lives like a slob (that is going to chage), Absent self esteem, Low self image, Fixer, bad spelling, horrible handwriting, grossly over weight, bad skin care, teeth are not white, etc etc

Good points
Easy to talk to, can relate complex ideas in simplest terms. Genuine care and compassion for others, Certified completion of Network Administration course from Chubb Inst. with honors, good attitude and work ethic, ability to "sweep it under the rug", willingness to understand,
More to come.